Goodbye, AliExpress (Alibaba)

The first condition for online commerce to work is trust. If you cannot trust a place, that place will die.

A few weeks ago, I bought a bone conduction earphone through Aliexpress. One of the side did not work from the beginning. I simply asked for the replacement with one who worked.

The supplier asked for proof about the problem. However, it’s quite difficult showing in a recording that one side of the headphones is working while the other don’t. I sent two videos, one to supplier and the other one to AliExpress.

In the meanwhile, the supplier asked me to retire the claim, alleging «personal reasons» instead of the real problem, that is, defective product.

Finally, AliExpress considers that I did not prove the problem and decides that I must not receive a reimbursement nor a new product.

After that experience, I only can say «Goodbye, Alibaba». I won’t buy anything from you anymore and I will invite my relatives to do the same.

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