#GermanWingsCrash: The use of an accident

One day after the accident, as it could be expected, there is not a clear knowledge about what happened. Some witnesses saw the plane flying near the ground in a high place and controllers reported that the plane was descending for several minutes without reporting anything. That could be enough to discard the terrorism hypothesis and not much more.

Even though, many people used this accident to sell some ideas that could be interesting for them. Thus, NYT asked if A-320 was safe while some others charged against low-cost companies, against the automation and against the recruiting and training policies applied to pilots.

All of them can be legitimate concerns -if you want, suspicious the article by NYT coming from USA where the main Airbus competitor, Boeing, comes from- but…now?

We don’t know nothing yet. Perhaps, when we have the facts, we can conclude that an official enquiry is biased -as many of us could think of cases like AF447- but now, we only can wait to know the facts. This should not be an opportunity to get a loudspeaker for our own concerns when we don’t have the faintest idea about if they are related or not with the accident. The respect for the victims of the accident demands from us not to use them in such a dirty way.

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