Fake Internet leaders

In the last weeks, I have seen ads by companies who claim to be worldwide head-hunters, networks challenging Linkedin and some other Internet giants. A few moments ago, I was seeing the “Linkedin made in Spain”.

The homepage design can be carefully crafted and someone could think that the place is so important as they say to be. However, the imposture is so easy to discover that, surprisingly, people still try to fake its real importance in Internet.

An example: Trying to test if “Linkedin made in Spain” is so important as they say, I wrote its Web address in Alexa. These are the results compared with the real Linkedin:

Quantitative Results:

Captura Gonway cuantitativa

Captura Linkedin cuantitativo

The rank for Linkedin in Spain is 9th, from the same source.

Now, a qualitative vision from Alexa:

Qualitative Results:

Captura Alexa

Captura Alexa para Linkedin

These are the easy-to-obtain data. Please, before playing Internet tycoon remember: Fakes are easy to discover.



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