Psicópatas de segunda mano

Ante la proximidad del regreso a España, coloqué a la venta en el equivalente del Segunda Mano español todo lo que no podía viajar con nosotros de vuelta. Transcribo aquí varios mensajes recibidos y no puedo evitar preguntarme si aquí no hay mucha gente que está muy malita para dedicarse a esto en la noche de un viernes:

Primer mensaje

Hi, I spotted your ad on xxxx and very interested in purchasing and would like to pay in cash.

I am at work right now, so I can’t get in touch with you before I get home.

However, I use a web site that can save details so you may leave your cellular phone number there.

Firstly i need to advise that I have met number of unusual people from xxxx and been sexually harrassed and dread for my safety.

So I only request If you could confirm that your safe to meet on this website xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , I would come to feel alot more at ease understanding that your not some pychopath.

My user is xxxxx, search me up and message when you can. I be on most of the day.

I am a serious buyer and need this. I will certainly contact you after I get home to arrange a meeting.


Segundo mensaje

hey sorry for this random email but do u want to go out for a coffee whenever u’re free? u sound pretty hot in ur ad and would love to meet with you for some fun. not looking for anything serious just a discreet friendship on the side. anyways, let me know if this sounds interesting at all…i’m currently on my profile site so sign up below and u’ll be automatically connected with me so we can chat to see how it goes first online.
let’s discuss what kind of favors i can do for you to negotiate on ur item. i’ll be waiting for you online, i’ll even show u my picture to prove that i’m not playing around. ttyl! 🙂

Tercer mensaje

Last week I came across the gov is leaving out dough.

This grounds for this is they are making an attempt to frantically fix the country.

Merely pop “gov wehp” in big Google an understand how to grab some for your family.

Cheers, howard magnin

Cuarto mensaje

My family was having a not easy time due to the slow-moving economy until
I was instructed the gov is giving down green notes to The population.

I had not a clue they were undertaking this so I looked into this and found out it was true.

Merely type out “Gov Wehu” into google so you can read more
info on this then you too can help out your household just like I did for mine.

Warm Regards, Lisa XXXX



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